Progress Update – September to November 2022

Hobby time remains limited, particularly painting time, and no time for gaming. I've spent some time tinkering with rules and planning and doing some reading a research but only a few pieces painted of late. I've added another base of hoplites to my collection: Along with some nuddie Celts: And some Romans to face them: … Continue reading Progress Update – September to November 2022

Progress Update – May to August 2022

As expected, fatherhood has somewhat diminished my hobby time and many of my energies have been diverted to aspects of the hobby that can be done through books or my phone, reading, researching, planning, etc. I've also begun dabbling a bit more in play by post RPG games which has been fun, as well as … Continue reading Progress Update – May to August 2022

Progress Update – April 2022

I'm a little late on this one due to the birth of our first child, so I suspect the coming months will be a bit quieter on the hobby front, but April turned out to be quite a productive month hobby-wise. Got a good run on some ongoing projects as well as the start of … Continue reading Progress Update – April 2022

Progress Update – March 2022

To start out the month I got a game with the Zombicide figures painted up last month.The game setup: Our intrepid heroes: Splitting up was a bad idea: Nelly shows a Necromancer who's boss: The horde descends: Rescuing a fallen comrade: Burn them with fire! Painting wise, I decided to tackle the American War of … Continue reading Progress Update – March 2022

Progress Update – Dec 2021, Jan & Feb 2022

It's been a while since I did one of these! I had a bit of a lull in the hobby from around mid-December to mid-January and struggled to get inspired to get back to painting. I've been building up steam again this month so wanted to post up a review of what I've been up … Continue reading Progress Update – Dec 2021, Jan & Feb 2022

Progress Update – November 2021

First up, got some 10mm samples for Warring States Chinese from Fogg of War. I wish I'd had these before I'd done my last Chinese project as they were more what I was wanting before I ended up going late Warring States/Early Imperial, but they've no website up yet, just happened to get an email … Continue reading Progress Update – November 2021

Progress Update – September/October 2021

Didn't get an update up last month so this is a double update. My primary focus remains on the Fedual Japanese, both the Early Feudal "small base" project and the larger Sengoku era bases. First up with the Early Feudal/Genpei War era. These are some Provincial Samurai who will be fighting alongside the Minamoto clan … Continue reading Progress Update – September/October 2021

Progress Update – August 2021

This month started out well with a few more bases for my various Feudal Japanese projects ongoing. I also got delivery of an order from Pendraken I needed to continue with it (bases, figures, etc). However, a combination of factors meant I've not touched a brush or been near the hobby since that initial burst. … Continue reading Progress Update – August 2021

Progress Update – July 2021

Not a whole lot of painting done this month. I spent a lot of hobby time working on my feudal Japanese rules but have started painting up a couple of test units for the armies. This is a later "sonae" style mixed arms unit from the Sengoku Jidai: I just went with painted mon (the … Continue reading Progress Update – July 2021

Progress Update – June 2021

Busy enough month this one, lots of family stuff and making the most of the good weather here and there but still managed to knock out a few bits and pieces: Some Greek Hoplites: For the Trojan War, Prince Deiphobus & the Trojan Royal Guard: No doubt some more sons of Priam's fruitful loins in … Continue reading Progress Update – June 2021