Warring States China using Feudal Japanese Rules

Continuing on my series on tweaking and adapting my own rule set for Feudal Japan I was getting a bit tired of using MDF counters and wanted to get some actual figures on the table. As I don't yet have any Japanese armies (though an order from Pendraken has just arrived and will hit the … Continue reading Warring States China using Feudal Japanese Rules

Projects Update – November 2020

After a quiet month in September on the hobby front (due to being very busy on the real life front), I've been making the most of November to partake in hobby activities. As well as finishing off the Qin and Chu armies, I got in two games with them using To the Strongest which was … Continue reading Projects Update – November 2020

Battle Reports – Chu vs Qin and Qin vs Chu – To The Strongest!

After completing my Qin and Chu forces, it was time to get them on the table. I've been working on minimising games to a small playable area, the units being a 40mm frontage, on a 60mm grid table. For those unaware, TtS! is a grid based rule set driven by, normally, a few decks of … Continue reading Battle Reports – Chu vs Qin and Qin vs Chu – To The Strongest!

Qin Up Chinese

One of the projects followers of my recent updates will recognise is the Chinese ancients I've been working on. I've now completed one of the armies in this project, the Qin. This serves as my October update as my hobby supplies were all packed away for most of the month due to selling the house. … Continue reading Qin Up Chinese

Projects Update – August 2020

August was a busy month in real life so hobby progress has been slow. Been clearing the house and packing things away in preparation for putting the house on the market, as well as having a number of family events and a pleasant break with a few days away. Managed to get a few pieces … Continue reading Projects Update – August 2020

Projects Update – July 2020

Been able to keep things reasonably productive this month. Even got in a couple of games, some thinking around various projects and plenty of ideas for more projects in future. I've still been mostly using a dice roll to determine what my next piece of painting will be, though upped from a d6 to a … Continue reading Projects Update – July 2020

Projects Update – June 2020

I've made some good progress on a few things this month. Switching to doing smaller units has kept up a better momentum and I've finally been getting a bit more time to do hobby stuff this month. I also did some sorting and reorganising of my hobby space, partly to make a bit of space … Continue reading Projects Update – June 2020