Progress Update – September/October 2021

Didn’t get an update up last month so this is a double update. My primary focus remains on the Fedual Japanese, both the Early Feudal “small base” project and the larger Sengoku era bases.

First up with the Early Feudal/Genpei War era. These are some Provincial Samurai who will be fighting alongside the Minamoto clan (also known as the Genji, hence the Gen- in Genpei War). The Minamoto were known for their white banners so have incorporated a little bit of white into their allies for ease of identification. Planning on a “cold theme” look to the Minamoto themselves with whites, greys and blues to contrast to the “warm theme” of the red Taira. Eagle-eyed readers may realise I’d referred to the Minamoto as red in a previous post, not sure at which point I got myself confused between the two but all corrected now. Minamoto are white, Taira are red.

Provincial samurai mounted command and banner:

Provincial Samurai units:

On the other side of the battle are the Taira clan, also known as the Heike (the Hei becomes -pei in the name Genpei War). Known for their red banners I’ve kept with that colour palette as a theme. We don’t know for sure if they displayed their mon on battle standards the way people did in the later Sengoku period. Banners are usually only described as red, though there is one passage that suggests some allied samurai were almost mistaken for enemy troops due to the colour of their standards but became known when their symbols were seen, so it’s possible mon did appear in some heraldry or banners, though could equally refer to the generals battle standard which was often an object of some description.

Large Command base for the Taira General and his retinue, with General’s battle standard:

I had originally gotten myself mixed up and been thinking it was the Minamoto in red, so had painstakingly painted their mon onto one of the flags. When I realised my error I just painted the whole lot red. Will save the mons for the maku screens and maybe some camp banners as that’s likely more realistic.

Dismounted Taira retainers:

The Taira also have some provincial samurai fighting on their side. Provincial samurai command and banner:

Finally for the Early Feudal troops, some dismounted retainers for both sets of provincial samurai:

Moving forward to the Sengoku, a small unit of mixed ashigaru with Shimazu clan mon. The Shimazu pop up in a lot of conflicts so seem like a good one to do a division of:

And a larger mixed base for a generic clan:

My plan for the Sengoku is to build up a bunch of generic looking units then a few divisions or units based around well known clans to mix in for the appropriate conflicts. I’ll do a mix of small, standard and large bases too so can fight big conflicts or small actions depending on the scale of game I want. The ashigaru paint up pretty quickly, so considering sorting through my piles to see if I can get a load done in a batch painting session, however affixing the sashimono is pretty time consuming and I suspect I’m going to run out of them quickly at the rate I’m using them…

I’ve also been working on some new terrain pieces:

Still need to do a bit of work filling the gaps and adding a few more layers, as well as giving them another coat or two of diluted PVA, but they’re in decent enough shape that I can use them (gently) now.

I got some of these new units and trees out for a quick game as well, which you can read about here.

Thanks for reading,


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