Progress Update – September to November 2022

Hobby time remains limited, particularly painting time, and no time for gaming. I’ve spent some time tinkering with rules and planning and doing some reading a research but only a few pieces painted of late.

I’ve added another base of hoplites to my collection:

Along with some nuddie Celts:

And some Romans to face them:

Green tunics, I know, controversial, but not entirely without precedent.

And finally another “generic” unit for my Sengoku Jidai armies. I had run out of sashimono to attach so ended up making my own out of card. They came out well enough and were much easier to affix and paint on that I think I’ll likely do that going forward rather than fiddling about getting frustrated with the metal ones. Of course I could print them out rather than hand painting, but where’s the challenge in that?

Thanks for reading,



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