Projects Update – May 2020

It’s been a while since I posted any progress updates so this is a bit of a summary of what I’ve been up to the past 6-8 months. There’s a fair bit more not pictured as they’ve still to be based, but those should be done in the near future.

First up some new command elements for my Crusaders and Saracen forces. I have an idea on using these guys for a campaign so you’ll be seeing them again in future complete with names and backgrounds when the Barony of Nusquam and the Emirate of Lamakan come to blows in the far reaches of the Middle East.

Figures are a mix of Pendraken and Irregular I believe.

The Crusaders:

The Saracens:

And as a bonus a few marker units to represent spears/lances/heroes:

Next up filling the major gap in the forces of Islam is a whole lot of light cavalry and hordes of horse archers.

Around Christmas last year I went on a bit of a rare fantasy binge after watching too much Critical Role and playing a few fantasy games like 4 Against Darkness. I plan to use these for Sellwords and Spellslingers if the fantasy urge comes round again.

I had a lot of fun with the Pendraken fantasy range and used it to experiment with different techniques for painting and basing, for instance airbrushing, different use of dry brushing and highlights as well lighting and metallics. Was a nice change of pace from batch painting large armies.

Shambling slowly up to the plate, some undead:

The necromancer I spent a fair bit of time experimenting with, especially the glowing eyes on his staff and the light and shadow effects from that.

And now the good guys:

This guy was a character my wife created for D&D when I almost convinced her to give it a go….
If only I had a thunderstorm backdrop!

And given the time of year I was painting these added a bit of festive cheer:

Next up we’re taking a bit of a diversion into another scale and looking at my 2mm forces for the British and some Turkish allies in the Crimean War. I’m fairly sure I’ve another 10 or 15 bases of these in a box with the start of the French army but there’s enough here to get the gist. I also have around 50 bases of Russians to prime and paint at some point and the French to assemble. All in all, should have enough to cover most of the BBB Crimean War scenarios.

Infantry commanders:

Light infantry/skirmishers:

The single line is for veterans, the double line standard infantry:

The Turks in the back:

Artillery, cavalry and general:

And finally we travel to Mexico for some of the glorious Aztec range. These models are beautifully sculpted and a joy to paint given the detail and opportunity for colour. I fear I don’t do them justice.

In the one’s below I’ve picked a colour theme for each group but I have some more awaiting finishing touches that are a riot of colour and will be adding even more units soon.


Eagle and Jaguar Warriors:

The atlatl thrower on the small base is a shock missile marker.

City infantry with attached hero marker:

Some “wargamers eye view” shots:

Close-ups of the markers, some of these came out a little darker than I’d hoped but the heroes have face paint and tattoos:

And these poor sods who were mangled in the name of casualty markers:

One thing I’m planning to work on over the next little while is some additional terrain and a battle board for the Aztecs (and others). As I plan to use To the Strongest! for this a grid is required, so experimenting with some options on gridding before committing to putting it on my actual board (which is a repurposed wedding table plan).

I asked on a couple of forums for ideas and some good ones popped up like using tile spacers or magnets.

I initially used single spacers then added filler around them but they got hidden after painting. At the top left I’ve tried with doubled spacers and waiting some bits to dry. May need another layer of flock on it. At the bottom I’ve just stuck some new spacers on top of the hidden old ones and flocked around.

To the right of that I’ve hidden a magnet under the flock and have a small clump on ferrous paper drying at the bottom to see how it works. I used a fairly small thin (10 x 2 mm I think) magnet as I don’t want to interfere heavily with any of my magnetically based units. Some of those thicker rare earth magnets would have units sailing across the table as if my magic!

Since taking these pictures I’ve also painted up a small unit of Early Imperial Chinese halberd men, and primed a unit of Mycenaean spear men so will showcase them when based up. My master plan of basing to a 40 x 20 mm standard is somewhat scuppered by the forward pointing weapon, which would cause issues with base to base contact, so will have to do these on a 40 x 30 mm base and hope it still looks distinct enough from a 40 x 40 “deep” base.

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2 thoughts on “Projects Update – May 2020

    1. Thanks! I fear my painting really doesn’t do it justice, the details on the scuplts are fantastic. I need to get better at face details to pick out the ear plugs, etc. They’re 10mm from Pendraken. Highly recommended.


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