Progress Update – May to August 2022

As expected, fatherhood has somewhat diminished my hobby time and many of my energies have been diverted to aspects of the hobby that can be done through books or my phone, reading, researching, planning, etc. I've also begun dabbling a bit more in play by post RPG games which has been fun, as well as … Continue reading Progress Update – May to August 2022

Progress Update – June 2021

Busy enough month this one, lots of family stuff and making the most of the good weather here and there but still managed to knock out a few bits and pieces: Some Greek Hoplites: For the Trojan War, Prince Deiphobus & the Trojan Royal Guard: No doubt some more sons of Priam's fruitful loins in … Continue reading Progress Update – June 2021

Progress Update – May 2021

This was a fairly productive month. One of my main achievements this month was sorting through a few ongoing projects and organising them into units, as well as ordering a few bits here and there to fill the gaps. I know have several piles of units in their own baggies that I can just grab … Continue reading Progress Update – May 2021

Progress Update – April 2021

Quite enough month on the hobby front (or at least for this particular hobby) though I did manage to finish the New Model Army foot regiments rebasing effort. This involved painting up a lot of new figures as well to mix into the ranks. This gives me five standard regiments, one small regiment and a … Continue reading Progress Update – April 2021

Progress Update – March 2021

This month was the month of the big house move so most of my hobby stuff was packed away for much of the time. We're now settled into the new place and starting to get things set up so hopefully next month will see me take up the brush again. All is not lost however, … Continue reading Progress Update – March 2021

Progress Update – February 2021

It's been a pretty busy month this month in work and real life, but painting has provided some welcome distractions. The Pendraken painting competition was running this month and I decided to challenge myself to enter something into every category, which involved painting new units for each of them, except the army category given I'd … Continue reading Progress Update – February 2021

Twilight of Divine Right – Test Game

This week I received two new rule books, Twilight of the Sun King and Twilight of Divine Right. They cover wars through the 17th and early 18th centuries and use a somewhat unusual system whereby the key combat mechanic is based entirely around morale. I've been interested in these for a while as I've been … Continue reading Twilight of Divine Right – Test Game

For King and Parliament First Outing

This morning I was able to get FK&P onto the table for the first time. Been working on the ECW troops for the last year so it's good to finally get them out. Unfortunately the second table I'd ordered didn't arrive but was able to get a decent setup using the one I had and … Continue reading For King and Parliament First Outing

What am I at?

This year has been one of the busiest of my life, both in work and personally. Hobby time overall has been pretty small compared to what I'd like due to time and budgetary constraints. However, while work continues apace, my personal life has become a bit quieter and a bit less expensive for the moment … Continue reading What am I at?

English Civil War Progress Update

As I've mentioned a few times in past blog posts, I've been working on an English Civil War, or British Civil War, or War of the Three Kingdoms (but that just makes me think of China and all the potential there...) project. It has been somewhat slow going, mostly due to this being a pretty … Continue reading English Civil War Progress Update