Holy War Part 2.5

Frustrated as I was with the last game I couldn't just pack it in without giving the troops a chance to blood themselves properly. Having spent a fair bit of time over the past few months thinking about my own wargaming rules for big battle feudal Japan and Trojan war skirmish, then synthesising aspects of … Continue reading Holy War Part 2.5

Holy War Part 2

The Holy War between the Barony of Nusquam and the Emirate of Lamakan kicked off here, so please read that if you want more background. This is the second battle in the campaign, a Crusader raid on a Saracen village. Apologies for the poor lighting, going to need to get some better lights for this … Continue reading Holy War Part 2

Holy War – A Soldiers of God Campaign

The Baron of Nusquam, recently returned from a pilgrimage to the Holy City, was enjoying a morning repast with his two companions while encamped in the village of Pagida when an uproar began outside and a guard called out to enter their tent. "What a din! Who is that making a din, soldier?" The Baron … Continue reading Holy War – A Soldiers of God Campaign

Battle Report – Crusaders and Saracens with TtS!

It's been quite a while since I've played a game and even longer since I played a game of TtS so since I have recently finished a slew of crusades forces it seemed a good time to get a game on the table. This game fit nicely on the kitchen table with a 12x8 grid … Continue reading Battle Report – Crusaders and Saracens with TtS!

What am I at?

This year has been one of the busiest of my life, both in work and personally. Hobby time overall has been pretty small compared to what I'd like due to time and budgetary constraints. However, while work continues apace, my personal life has become a bit quieter and a bit less expensive for the moment … Continue reading What am I at?

A Flippant History of the Crusades – The First Crusade – The Road to Constantinople

In the last post we looked a little at the background of the Crusades and the state of the (relevant) world before the launch of the First Crusade. We also looked at the less than stellar performance of the People's Crusade, sometimes known as the Peasants Crusade, Crusade Zero, or a huge mob of mislead … Continue reading A Flippant History of the Crusades – The First Crusade – The Road to Constantinople

Crusades progress update

Taking a break from the ECW for a bit, I decided to tidy up some of the bits of the Crusaders backlog along with one or two other things I found to do. First up, after listening my way through Dan Jones excellent narrative history "The Templars", I've learned that the Knights of the Temple … Continue reading Crusades progress update

Saladin and Richard meet again!

Continuing on with my delve into past photos and battle reports, here follows another report between the Crusaders and Saracens, this time using the Soldiers of God ruleset. I should mention that these reports and pictures were all originally published on the superb Pendraken Forum. I have a thread there for the Crusades project. Following … Continue reading Saladin and Richard meet again!

Richard vs Saladin – The First (Official) Encounter

I've played a few battles with the Crusades armies using the Hail Caesar ruleset. I've found its worked well and provided fun battles. Sadly I didn't take much by way of pictures from them so don't have anything to show in relation to a battle report. I'll be sure to do so if I use … Continue reading Richard vs Saladin – The First (Official) Encounter

Crosses and crescents and sand…Deus Vult!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I stumbled on the Crusades project almost by accident based on sampling different scales. My interest was initially taken by the Third Crusade, mostly because the characters of King Richard and Saladin were too damn fun to pass up and it would let me use the Holy Orders … Continue reading Crosses and crescents and sand…Deus Vult!