Progress Update – March 2022

To start out the month I got a game with the Zombicide figures painted up last month.
The game setup:

Our intrepid heroes:

Splitting up was a bad idea:

Nelly shows a Necromancer who’s boss:

The horde descends:

Rescuing a fallen comrade:

Burn them with fire!

Painting wise, I decided to tackle the American War of Independence skirmish game that I’ve been wanting to do for a while using Sharp Practice 2 from the TooFatLardies stable of games.

I created two skirmish forces of Americans and British with a mix of line and skirmish stype troops. To tell them apart the line troops are based on square(ish) bases while the skirmish troops are on rounds in a 3-2-1 pattern. This allows me to do figure removal without having lots to move around. The line are based on bits of magnetic tape that I’ve then used on a ferrous paper strip to move them around. On playtesting this is a little flimsy so I may add some card to the strip to stiffen it a bit more for ease of movement. Commanders are on hex bases of difference sizes to represent their importance and quality.

First up the British oppressors, a detachment of light infantry and Queen’s Rangers.

And those upstart rebellious colonials, a few units of the Continental Army, along with some troops from Rhode Island (including one of their “black company” units) and some rifle-armed frontiersmen:

I’ve enjoyed one game with them already and hope to get some more games in with them soon. I plan to maybe add a few British regulars and American militia units to my collection to give a few more options down the line.

While setting up the table for a recent game I felt that it would be immeasurably improved by some wildlife and so painted up some moo moos:

I’ve also worked on some tokens needed for the game:

Finally, since all I have for them to fight over presently are some trees, hedges and hills, I thought I should make a start on some more terrain pieces and try my hand at making a small house, still work in progress:

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