Progress Update – April 2022

I'm a little late on this one due to the birth of our first child, so I suspect the coming months will be a bit quieter on the hobby front, but April turned out to be quite a productive month hobby-wise. Got a good run on some ongoing projects as well as the start of … Continue reading Progress Update – April 2022

More Trouble in the Colonies! AWI with Sharp Practice

I had a bit of free time this afternoon and with the table still set up thought I'd have another crack at the Sharp Practice AWI scenario. Turns out I was correct on the rules first time round and units can't deploy and move but can deploy and perform other actions which is where the … Continue reading More Trouble in the Colonies! AWI with Sharp Practice

Trouble in the Colonies! AWI with Sharp Practice

Having put together a couple of skirmish forces for the AWI, I was able to get them onto the table for a test game of TooFatLardies Sharp Practice. While I made a few mistakes as I went, for the most part things ran pretty smoothly and I enjoyed the game. I hope to get a … Continue reading Trouble in the Colonies! AWI with Sharp Practice

Progress Update – March 2022

To start out the month I got a game with the Zombicide figures painted up last month.The game setup: Our intrepid heroes: Splitting up was a bad idea: Nelly shows a Necromancer who's boss: The horde descends: Rescuing a fallen comrade: Burn them with fire! Painting wise, I decided to tackle the American War of … Continue reading Progress Update – March 2022

Progress Update – Dec 2021, Jan & Feb 2022

It's been a while since I did one of these! I had a bit of a lull in the hobby from around mid-December to mid-January and struggled to get inspired to get back to painting. I've been building up steam again this month so wanted to post up a review of what I've been up … Continue reading Progress Update – Dec 2021, Jan & Feb 2022

Progress Update – November 2021

First up, got some 10mm samples for Warring States Chinese from Fogg of War. I wish I'd had these before I'd done my last Chinese project as they were more what I was wanting before I ended up going late Warring States/Early Imperial, but they've no website up yet, just happened to get an email … Continue reading Progress Update – November 2021

Progress Update – September/October 2021

Didn't get an update up last month so this is a double update. My primary focus remains on the Fedual Japanese, both the Early Feudal "small base" project and the larger Sengoku era bases. First up with the Early Feudal/Genpei War era. These are some Provincial Samurai who will be fighting alongside the Minamoto clan … Continue reading Progress Update – September/October 2021

Battle Report – Genpei War Skirmish

I have a few units painted up from my early Feudal Japanese project around the Genpei War, enough for a small command each so thought I'd get them on the table and take my rules out for another spin. Since I last played I've developed some more rules around the deployment and set up and … Continue reading Battle Report – Genpei War Skirmish

Progress Update – August 2021

This month started out well with a few more bases for my various Feudal Japanese projects ongoing. I also got delivery of an order from Pendraken I needed to continue with it (bases, figures, etc). However, a combination of factors meant I've not touched a brush or been near the hobby since that initial burst. … Continue reading Progress Update – August 2021

Progress Update – July 2021

Not a whole lot of painting done this month. I spent a lot of hobby time working on my feudal Japanese rules but have started painting up a couple of test units for the armies. This is a later "sonae" style mixed arms unit from the Sengoku Jidai: I just went with painted mon (the … Continue reading Progress Update – July 2021