Progress Update – February 2021

It's been a pretty busy month this month in work and real life, but painting has provided some welcome distractions. The Pendraken painting competition was running this month and I decided to challenge myself to enter something into every category, which involved painting new units for each of them, except the army category given I'd … Continue reading Progress Update – February 2021

Battle Report – Aztecs vs Tarascans

I recently finished up the Aztec and Tarascan armies I wanted to use my day off to get them on the table for a battle. The rules are To the Strongest. The armies arrayed for battle. Tarascans on the left, Aztecs on the right. The black tokens indicate ammunition, so as you can see the … Continue reading Battle Report – Aztecs vs Tarascans

Twilight of the Sun King – Test Game

After my successful run with Twilight of Divine Right earlier in the week I thought I'd try out the predecessor, Twilight of the Sun King. This covers the period after Divine Right, primarily the wars of William of Orange, Louis XIV, Marlborough, Great Northern and Ottoman Wars. The rules are fairly similar to ToDR. There … Continue reading Twilight of the Sun King – Test Game

Twilight of Divine Right – Test Game

This week I received two new rule books, Twilight of the Sun King and Twilight of Divine Right. They cover wars through the 17th and early 18th centuries and use a somewhat unusual system whereby the key combat mechanic is based entirely around morale. I've been interested in these for a while as I've been … Continue reading Twilight of Divine Right – Test Game

Projects Update December 2020 and January 2021

A new year is upon us. The past couple of months have been a bit hectic in real life so the hobby has been going in fits and starts and very little was done in December. January has been more productive though. I decided that since I had completed my Aztecs, I wanted to put … Continue reading Projects Update December 2020 and January 2021

Projects Update – November 2020

After a quiet month in September on the hobby front (due to being very busy on the real life front), I've been making the most of November to partake in hobby activities. As well as finishing off the Qin and Chu armies, I got in two games with them using To the Strongest which was … Continue reading Projects Update – November 2020

Battle Reports – Chu vs Qin and Qin vs Chu – To The Strongest!

After completing my Qin and Chu forces, it was time to get them on the table. I've been working on minimising games to a small playable area, the units being a 40mm frontage, on a 60mm grid table. For those unaware, TtS! is a grid based rule set driven by, normally, a few decks of … Continue reading Battle Reports – Chu vs Qin and Qin vs Chu – To The Strongest!

Qin Up Chinese

One of the projects followers of my recent updates will recognise is the Chinese ancients I've been working on. I've now completed one of the armies in this project, the Qin. This serves as my October update as my hobby supplies were all packed away for most of the month due to selling the house. … Continue reading Qin Up Chinese