Progress Update – April 2021

Quite enough month on the hobby front (or at least for this particular hobby) though I did manage to finish the New Model Army foot regiments rebasing effort. This involved painting up a lot of new figures as well to mix into the ranks. This gives me five standard regiments, one small regiment and a … Continue reading Progress Update – April 2021

Battle Report – Down Mexico Way

Last time the Aztec and Tarascan forces met, the Tarascans proved no match for the mighty Aztec Empire. Will this time prove any different? The rules are To The Strongest, the miniatures 10mm Pendraken and the generals are The Aztecs just about edge the scouting tests so the Tarascans begin deployment and the Aztecs … Continue reading Battle Report – Down Mexico Way

Progress Update – March 2021

This month was the month of the big house move so most of my hobby stuff was packed away for much of the time. We're now settled into the new place and starting to get things set up so hopefully next month will see me take up the brush again. All is not lost however, … Continue reading Progress Update – March 2021

Holy War Part 2.5

Frustrated as I was with the last game I couldn't just pack it in without giving the troops a chance to blood themselves properly. Having spent a fair bit of time over the past few months thinking about my own wargaming rules for big battle feudal Japan and Trojan war skirmish, then synthesising aspects of … Continue reading Holy War Part 2.5

Holy War – A Soldiers of God Campaign

The Baron of Nusquam, recently returned from a pilgrimage to the Holy City, was enjoying a morning repast with his two companions while encamped in the village of Pagida when an uproar began outside and a guard called out to enter their tent. "What a din! Who is that making a din, soldier?" The Baron … Continue reading Holy War – A Soldiers of God Campaign

Progress Update – February 2021

It's been a pretty busy month this month in work and real life, but painting has provided some welcome distractions. The Pendraken painting competition was running this month and I decided to challenge myself to enter something into every category, which involved painting new units for each of them, except the army category given I'd … Continue reading Progress Update – February 2021

Battle Report – Aztecs vs Tarascans

I recently finished up the Aztec and Tarascan armies I wanted to use my day off to get them on the table for a battle. The rules are To the Strongest. The armies arrayed for battle. Tarascans on the left, Aztecs on the right. The black tokens indicate ammunition, so as you can see the … Continue reading Battle Report – Aztecs vs Tarascans

Is it an eagle? Is it a jaguar? No…

It's a whole Mess o' Americans! Puns aside, I finally got around to photographing my Aztec and Tarascan armies that I recently completed. These were a stack of fun to paint, and I plan to expand them in future and include new armies for the period too but I'm putting them to rest for a … Continue reading Is it an eagle? Is it a jaguar? No…

Twilight of the Sun King – Test Game

After my successful run with Twilight of Divine Right earlier in the week I thought I'd try out the predecessor, Twilight of the Sun King. This covers the period after Divine Right, primarily the wars of William of Orange, Louis XIV, Marlborough, Great Northern and Ottoman Wars. The rules are fairly similar to ToDR. There … Continue reading Twilight of the Sun King – Test Game