Battle Report – Down Mexico Way

Last time the Aztec and Tarascan forces met, the Tarascans proved no match for the mighty Aztec Empire. Will this time prove any different? The rules are To The Strongest, the miniatures 10mm Pendraken and the generals are The Aztecs just about edge the scouting tests so the Tarascans begin deployment and the Aztecs … Continue reading Battle Report – Down Mexico Way

Battle Report – Aztecs vs Tarascans

I recently finished up the Aztec and Tarascan armies I wanted to use my day off to get them on the table for a battle. The rules are To the Strongest. The armies arrayed for battle. Tarascans on the left, Aztecs on the right. The black tokens indicate ammunition, so as you can see the … Continue reading Battle Report – Aztecs vs Tarascans

Is it an eagle? Is it a jaguar? No…

It's a whole Mess o' Americans! Puns aside, I finally got around to photographing my Aztec and Tarascan armies that I recently completed. These were a stack of fun to paint, and I plan to expand them in future and include new armies for the period too but I'm putting them to rest for a … Continue reading Is it an eagle? Is it a jaguar? No…

Projects Update December 2020 and January 2021

A new year is upon us. The past couple of months have been a bit hectic in real life so the hobby has been going in fits and starts and very little was done in December. January has been more productive though. I decided that since I had completed my Aztecs, I wanted to put … Continue reading Projects Update December 2020 and January 2021