Progress Update – November 2021

First up, got some 10mm samples for Warring States Chinese from Fogg of War. I wish I’d had these before I’d done my last Chinese project as they were more what I was wanting before I ended up going late Warring States/Early Imperial, but they’ve no website up yet, just happened to get an email address off a forum. They should hopefully have a website in the new year with some interesting 10mm ranges.

Eastern Chinese

Western Chinese


Not sure if I’ll use these as a basis to a brand new project or expand my existing one… One for the future anyway.

I’ve mainly been continuing my Japanese Sengoku project this month:

First up two more generic clan units:

And four more ashigaru detachments done:

Next up on the painting sticks is a few early feudal Japanese bases.

As a little change of pace, I also painted up these ancients that had been taking up space on my painting sticks for a while.

Roman auxiliaries

And some Cretan archers

That’s all for this month, thanks for reading,


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