Progress Update – July 2021

Not a whole lot of painting done this month. I spent a lot of hobby time working on my feudal Japanese rules but have started painting up a couple of test units for the armies. This is a later "sonae" style mixed arms unit from the Sengoku Jidai: I just went with painted mon (the … Continue reading Progress Update – July 2021

Warring States China using Feudal Japanese Rules

Continuing on my series on tweaking and adapting my own rule set for Feudal Japan I was getting a bit tired of using MDF counters and wanted to get some actual figures on the table. As I don't yet have any Japanese armies (though an order from Pendraken has just arrived and will hit the … Continue reading Warring States China using Feudal Japanese Rules

Battle Report – Feudal Japan – Ao Vs Shiro Clans – Rematch

After my last game I did some further tweaking and refining of the rules, as well as working out some of the new bits around messengers and banners. Had a chance to try out the changes so brought out the Ao (blue) and Shiro (white) Clan stand ins. I do have an order in for … Continue reading Battle Report – Feudal Japan – Ao Vs Shiro Clans – Rematch

Progress Update – June 2021

Busy enough month this one, lots of family stuff and making the most of the good weather here and there but still managed to knock out a few bits and pieces: Some Greek Hoplites: For the Trojan War, Prince Deiphobus & the Trojan Royal Guard: No doubt some more sons of Priam's fruitful loins in … Continue reading Progress Update – June 2021

Battle Report – Feudal Japan – Ao vs Shiro Clans

I've been significantly revamping my homebrew feudal rules system for the Sengoku Jidai of feudal Japan. As part of it I played out a test game. As I've still no figures for it I used MDF bases with blue and white blu tac and some hastily penned on numbers and letters to represent the units. … Continue reading Battle Report – Feudal Japan – Ao vs Shiro Clans

Rules for the Sengoku Jidai: Revamped

Regular readers of my blog may know that some time ago I wrote about my experimentation with creating my own ruleset for warfare in Feudal Japan. I had a fairly solid set of rules that seemed to work reasonably well, yet as time passed I felt uninspired to go back to them and to actually … Continue reading Rules for the Sengoku Jidai: Revamped

Progress Update – May 2021

This was a fairly productive month. One of my main achievements this month was sorting through a few ongoing projects and organising them into units, as well as ordering a few bits here and there to fill the gaps. I know have several piles of units in their own baggies that I can just grab … Continue reading Progress Update – May 2021

Progress Update – April 2021

Quite enough month on the hobby front (or at least for this particular hobby) though I did manage to finish the New Model Army foot regiments rebasing effort. This involved painting up a lot of new figures as well to mix into the ranks. This gives me five standard regiments, one small regiment and a … Continue reading Progress Update – April 2021

Battle Report – Down Mexico Way

Last time the Aztec and Tarascan forces met, the Tarascans proved no match for the mighty Aztec Empire. Will this time prove any different? The rules are To The Strongest, the miniatures 10mm Pendraken and the generals are The Aztecs just about edge the scouting tests so the Tarascans begin deployment and the Aztecs … Continue reading Battle Report – Down Mexico Way

Progress Update – March 2021

This month was the month of the big house move so most of my hobby stuff was packed away for much of the time. We're now settled into the new place and starting to get things set up so hopefully next month will see me take up the brush again. All is not lost however, … Continue reading Progress Update – March 2021