Progress Update – June 2021

Busy enough month this one, lots of family stuff and making the most of the good weather here and there but still managed to knock out a few bits and pieces:

Some Greek Hoplites:

For the Trojan War, Prince Deiphobus & the Trojan Royal Guard:

No doubt some more sons of Priam’s fruitful loins in there too.

Decided to go with Ilium’s famed Scaean Gates as their emblem and give them a bit more of a uniform appearance as an elite unit.

As with my other Trojan War units, full basing will be done at the end for consistency.

And Mycenaean Chariots (final basing pending):

Not so keen on these as it’s a little hard to tell which way is the front. Tempted to turn one of the chariots around and give them a warrior in the car to make it a bit clearer. Will see how I feel about it in a few days. These were an experiment that I based and primed a while back then painted directly on the base to see how it would go since chariots are fiddly on painting sticks. Since then I’ve got a few figures attacking from a chariot that may add a bit more dynamism to the base.

Back to the ECW with some Royalists, the Shrewsbury Foot, mostly comprising the remains of Henry Tillier’s and Robert Broughton’s regiments of foot, along with a few others.

Ended up being somewhat camouflaged in their shades of green!

Finally, some Romans to round out the month:

Could probably do with touching up the shields here on reflection!

I also made the most of Pendraken’s “New Website” launch sale and put in an order for some of the Feudal Japanese range. I’ve been tinkering on with my rules mentioned in previous posts and coming to a point of being quite happy with them. Still want to run some test games with some of the new changes and working on putting together a QRS but coming together nicely. Once the figures arrive I’ll have the fun of agonising over how to base them on larger diorama basing… 60mm? 80mm? 100mm? I picked up some early and later figures, so will probably put together an early project (Genpei War? Mongol Invasions?) and a later Sengoku Jidai project (but which Clans…). I may end up doing two, one smaller scale conflict for kumi level games (i.e. each unit is a small detachment of soldiers similarly armed) and a bigger one for each unit as a sonae (a mixed arms mini-army). So many interesting clan options. Decisions decisions.

Thanks for reading,


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