Progress Update – July 2021

Not a whole lot of painting done this month. I spent a lot of hobby time working on my feudal Japanese rules but have started painting up a couple of test units for the armies.

This is a later “sonae” style mixed arms unit from the Sengoku Jidai:

I just went with painted mon (the banner symbols) as I’ve never got on with transfers and my printer wont print anything that isn’t black, white or yellow at the moment. I may replace them with printed ones down the line for a crisper look, but then most of my flags on other projects are painted too so fits with my amateurish aesthetic!

As far as the sashimono (back banners) go I went with roughly half of them on my units. Very fiddly to add but look good. I’ll probably vary it a bit from unit to unit as there was a lot of variability across time and place. My plan is to make a bunch of reasonably generic units then have a core of the famous clans. In reality clans were spread all over the place, so finding a Shimazu in an Uesugi army would not be that unusual!

I’ve also started some smaller scale early period units for the Genpei War and Mongol Invasion and probably a few more conflicts.

Early Japanese Samurai and their retainers:

I have a few more of these on the painting sticks so more of these to come next month.

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