Progress Update – February 2021

It’s been a pretty busy month this month in work and real life, but painting has provided some welcome distractions. The Pendraken painting competition was running this month and I decided to challenge myself to enter something into every category, which involved painting new units for each of them, except the army category given I’d just finished the Meosoamerican armies.

Before that though, I did a few fantasy palate cleansers:

Samurai Ape banner man
This cheerful chappie likes to toot toot all day
My what a big axe you have
A light in the dark

Now onto the painting competition entries. I very much doubt I’ll be winning any prizes but all good fun to enter and a nice challenge to take time over after a lot of army painting.

First entry for the mounted section, Colonel John Oakey’s New Model Army dragoons. These are based on a 80×40 unlike the rest of my ECW which is currently on a 100 or 120mm frontage. I plan to rebase the whole army in future to an 80×40 standard like this.

For the vehicle section I decided to paint my very first tank, or indeed motorised vehicle of any sort! This is a BT-5 repainted by the Socialist Workers of Ulster United from my alt history 1930s Ireland:

And from the same alt history universe my entry for 20th century foot, Captain Jim McVeigh and a company of the Ulster Protestant League:

For my single base entry, a command stand from the ECW, this time the Royalist Lt. General Sir Marmaduke Langsdale:

For pre 20th century foot, some Greek hopites:

Some new shots of my Aztecs for the army section. I was between these and the Tarascans but figured these were more colourful:

And finally for the fantasy section a diorama. This is Tobin the Phantabulous handling some grave matters. This was an absolute nightmare to photograph, my phone camera not able to pick up the light effects properly, but you get the gist!

Until next time, thanks for reading,


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