Projects Update – November 2020

After a quiet month in September on the hobby front (due to being very busy on the real life front), I’ve been making the most of November to partake in hobby activities. As well as finishing off the Qin and Chu armies, I got in two games with them using To the Strongest which was a lot of fun.

I have tested out the colour scheme of the next army on the Chinese Ancients list, the Han and quite happy with it.

This will be a unit of Han Crossbowmen at some point down the line, still needs a wash and a highlight, but I just wanted to paint up a few test models to try out the new colour and make sure it was right for when I come back to them.

With two usable armies done for the Chinese, I’ve decided to move onto my next furthest along project and brought the Aztecs down from the roofspace. I’ve been powering through the last few bits of it and have it 99% finished except for being a single base short for the command! Bases have been ordered, along with a small army pack for a new project…oops!

In the meantime, here’s a few of the Aztec bases done up. I’ll do a full army photo set when the last base is finished. I apologise for the quality of some of the pictures, lighting is poor and my photography poorer. One of these days I’ll get something better than my crappy phone camera… probably.


Casulty tokens:

Blue Leader:

Red Leader:

Green Leader (base pending…):

And the overall General of the army:

I’ve started adding their opponents, the Tarascan State, to painting sticks. In contrast to the melee focused Aztecs, the Tarascans will be a mostly bow armed force and I’m hopeful they’ll come together pretty quickly.

I’ve been enjoying painting these as take a bit more time over them to get the details in the suits and face paint rather than batch painting en mass like I did with the Chinese. Saying that, the bulk of the Tarascans will likely be a bit of a batch paint job.

Getting some opponents done is certainly my goal for the next month or two, though if I find myself burning out on them a little I may switch things up a bit.

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