Projects Update December 2020 and January 2021

A new year is upon us. The past couple of months have been a bit hectic in real life so the hobby has been going in fits and starts and very little was done in December. January has been more productive though.

I decided that since I had completed my Aztecs, I wanted to put together an opponent for them so have been rattling through the Tarascans. These have been interesting as while I’m using the Aztec figures, I’ve been getting to grips with Green Stuff to do a bit of extra modelling on the figures to give them some features more distinct to the Tarascans, as well as making some more varied battle standards.

First up though, the last of the Aztecs were green with envy awaiting a base from my last update:

And now onto the Tarascans.

While the Aztecs liked to open battle with a missile exchange before getting stuck in with melee weapons, the Tarascans preferred to keep things at a distance and pretty much all troops used some form of missile weapon.

Here we have some archers and skirmishers, a mix of Tarascan core troops and some Chichimeca mercenaries:

Otomi warriors were ferocious tribes from the lands around and between the Aztec and Tarascan Empires who often served as mercenaries in the armies of various states:

These are some Tarascan Tiacham (Valiant Ones), the noble elites, a few modifications on these:

The Tarascan royal bodyguard of the Cazoni (King), again with a few modifications:

And a few bases of Tarascan mixed infantry:

Modifications include all three banners and a few added bows and quivers.

Finally the command bases. First, the Otomi commander:

Then the Tarascan Quangariecha (Military Leader):

And of course the Cazonci (King):

The Tarascans tended less to individual heroism, so the list has less heroes, but still space for a few:

I also thought I’d throw in some of the green stuff work in progress. It’s my first time working with it and took a little getting used to, especially at such a small scale! Handy stuff though, and I can see it coming in useful in a few other projects down the line.

The infantry troops you see above:

Before being painted, the Cazoni (King):

That’s the Tarascan army ready for a rubble. I have around 20 “baggage” figures that I intend to use as captives (victory tokens) to paint still and a few straw huts to act as camps, but they should go pretty quickly.

I’ll do some full army photo posts once everything is finished, then I’ll likely take a break from Mesoamerica for a while (other than hopefully playing a game or two with them). I do have plans for future armies and expansions there, but having spent the last few months focusing on finishing projects (first the Chinese then the Mesoamericans) I’d like to dip into a few different projects for a change of pace.

I got some of Pendraken’s new 10mm Greeks as a bit of a Christmas present for myself so I’m sure they’ll hit the painting sticks at some point, plus my ongoing Trojan War, 20th Century Alt-History, a few minor fantasy bits here and there, a pile of 2mm needing finished, and a few other projects that could always use an addition or two. Plenty to keep me busy!

I’ve also ordered a couple of rule books, Twilight of the Sun King and Twilight of Divine Rights, so that might well provide some inspiration for future projects when they arrive.

I should also be finally moved house in a couple of months (assuming no more hold ups) which will mean I have some actual space to set up large tables for gaming and can get out the likes of my ECW armies that are too big a frontage for small table play. That should also act as inspiration to finish my 2mm Crimean War as they require a big table to play too. Exciting times ahead, I hope!

Thanks for reading,


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