Chu on this Chinese

After completing the Qin forces recently I was inspired to push on and finish the Chu as an opponent to them.

The Chu were the largest and amongst the most powerful of the Warring States and would be the last to fall to the Qin conquest. When Qin Shi Huang, the first Qin Emperor died and his successor proved weak and incapable, in no small part through the treachery of a eunuch that resulted in the death of the true successor, it was the Chu that rose up in rebellion.

A large and wealthy kingdom, their rebellion would be ultimately successful, eventually led by the young, though ruthless, general Xiang Yu to overthrow the Qin. Declaring himself Hegemon King of Western Chu and re-establishing many of the former Kingdoms, he in turn would soon be overthrown by his once ally Liu Biang, who would go on to become the first Han Emperor. But that’s a story for another time.

The Chu were considered one of the core regions of Chinese culture and society, and were less militaristic than the Qin. As such I’ve represented them with a more mixed army, using tribal archers, conscript spearmen as well as the core infantry and crossbow, as well as chariots and heavy cavalry. While the Qin made heavy use of crossbows and infantry in combination, the Chu army is much more melee focused, with the nobles hoping to strike the final blow.

In full battle array.
Core Chu infantry. Crossbowmen to the front with four units of infantry behind. To the left is a deep guard unit, mixing armoured infantry with crossbows. These troops were said to be able to match all day in heavy armour and weapons and still fight in a battle as an effective force.
Auxillary infantry. (Un)Impressed spearmen to the rear with two units of tribal bowmen to the front.
Chariots, bow cavalry and heavy cavalry with attached general.
Heavy cavalry with attached general and more chariots.
The Chu general.
Another view of the cavalry.
Chariots on parade.

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