Is it an eagle? Is it a jaguar? No…

It’s a whole Mess o’ Americans!

Puns aside, I finally got around to photographing my Aztec and Tarascan armies that I recently completed. These were a stack of fun to paint, and I plan to expand them in future and include new armies for the period too but I’m putting them to rest for a while to paint other things.

The figures are all from Pendraken’s excellent 10mm Aztec range, though for the Tarascans I have made a number of modifications to better match their aesthetic and combat style.

The Aztec forces can actually represent a number of different states, as many of the states preceding and surrounding the Aztecs were similar in warfare and dress. Indeed this force is modelled more on the Mexica-Tenochtitlan, the state that would one day come to lead the Aztec Triple Alliance, or Aztec Empire.

The Aztecs like to get up close and personal, whereas the Tarascans prefer to engage from range, so you will see a lot more bows amongst their army.

For both armies I’ve made a number of tokens to represent heroes, shock missiles and casualties, which you will see scattered around the main armies.




I’ve also created a stack of tokens to act as victory points, two of which are shown below. There’s also an example of one of the huts I’m using as a camp.

I have played a battle with these forces already and will be publishing it on the blog soon, so watch out for that.

I may also put out a few blog posts on Meosoamerican history, and indeed other pre-Columbian regions too. I’ve been putting together army lists for To The Strongest covering the Americas over the past while and have amassed a fair bit of historical information on armies, warfare and events. Let me know if that’s something that would be of interest.

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